i love hot bath/shower…

I live in a tropikal country but everyday I take hot bath/shower. I am not ashamed to admit it, although it seems too much, but my reasons are:

First and most of all it does feels like in the hotel when I do it. I rarely stay in the hotel, once a year on my anniversary if my husband got a good rate, and hot shower is the luxury I want to continue have at home.

Second, because hot shower/bath make me relax. I can come home from work or other activities with a hundred knots on my muscles, but after I took the shower, I feel good and ease.

In the morning, hot bath is like a transition from the warm and soft bed, to the cold and rush morning. It’s easier for my kids to get ready when they took warm shower. That’s my 3rd reason.

And the last one, warm stuff is always work for me. I love the morning sunlight, I love hot tea/coffee, I love just-cooked rice, I love a warm blanket better than AC.

Happy Monday Blogger, hope it will be sunny today….


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