who’s murder Vicky Rai?…

Finally after 3 weeks, I finished the book yesterday. And like I said after read the “Slumdog Millionaire” I become the fans of Mr. Swarup writings. It’s amazing how he can connect 6 people to the murder of Vicky Ray, a young enterpreneur who own the Rai Group of Industries. Vicky was known for his arrogance, playboy lifestyle and many times escape the law for the criminal acts he committed. Therefore he has many enemies. One day he killed Ruby Gill a doctorate student from Delhi University who was working as a bartender to support her family. After going through 5 years trials Vicky received a full acquittal, and he threw a party to celebrate it. There were he got killed. There are 6 suspects with their own story and motive:

1. The Bureaucrat Mohan Kumar one day attending a seance with his misstress Rita only to found himself was posessed by Mahatma Gandhi Spirit. So One day he can turn to be a very nice person in the world who eat no meat and help other people, but the next day he can go back to his Mohan self who is very selfish. He has a loyal driver Brijlal who loyaly take him wherever he go with expectation that Mohan will help his family, and he has a wife who always pray for him. One day as Gandhi he got into jail from a strikes about the nudity in Indian movies. In prison he help the criminals to be good, they really respect him and called him Baba Gandhi. He become famous for that. He came to Vicky’s party because he used to work for him and was invited.

2. The Actress Shabnam Saxena, Pretty, Sexy, Young and Talented. She’s the dream girl of all Indian man. Vicky Rai want her but she refused him. One day she found a girl name Ram Dulary whom look exactly like her, she took her to her house, first made her as a cook, but later train her to be just like her. When she got sick she sent Ram to some event, and Ram did it very well. She event taught her how to sign when her fans asking for signature. When she came back from Australia, her assistance Bhola and Ram betrayed her. Using her signature, they withdraw money from her account, and sign some contract using her name. In the mist of that, her sister got raped and somehow manage to kill the raper. Shabnam came to help her sister and she went to Vicky’s party to asked for help eventhough she has to pay Vicky with her body.

3. The Thief Munna Mobile whom actually a university graduate even though his mother only a temple cleaner. His father pass away many years ago, got hit by a car and he lives with his mother and adopted sister Champy. He had work in a mobile phone shop for awhile but somehow the old habbit stealing always come back to him. One day he stole a mobile phone from a man in a car, from that mobile he received a call told him to go to an alley next to a public school to find a briefcase full of money. He bought nice clothes and went to a club where he met Ritu, a rich girl he end up falling in love with. One day Ritu was hit by his brother Vicky because of her love affair, so Munna wanted to take Ritu away from his harsh father and brother when the owner of the briefcase found him and broke all of his fingers. He still manage to come and meet Ritu at her brother’s party.

4. The Politician Jagannath Rai, whom also the father of the victim is the Home Minister of Uttar Pradesh. He is willing to do anything to get him to the position he always dream of The Chief Minister. He trust Swami Haridas whom he call Guruji as his personal and spiritual advisor. He has a wife but has many other women including Seema Bisht a reporter from Mashaal Channel. He has a daughter name Ritu who fall in love to Munna Mobile the Thief. He paid people to support him for the higher position but many people back away because of his son’s criminal acts. That cause him to order one of his man to kill his own son Vicky and think just like Abraham sacrifice his son to God.

5. The American Larry Page who was always mistaken for the Google Guy, came all the way from Texas to marry Sapna Singh an Indian girl he’s been correspondence with, but end up in big trouble. Con by a K. P. Gupta a detective who he paid 5000 Rupees to help him find his mail-order bride who never show up and gave him the picture of the actrees Shabnam Saxena. He also was sold by Bilal a friend he trusted to a group of Terorist, but end up under the Witness protecting Programme as Rick Meyers, a film Produser. He came to Vicky Rai’s party to met Shabnam whom he believe the same person as Sapna.

6. The Tribal Eketi from The island call Little Andaman in the Bay of Bengal. He came to India on a quest for ingetayi the ancient stone, shaped like a phallus, which had been protecting his tribe for centuries. He was helped by Ashok Rajput a welfare officer who infact has his own agenda to stole the stone for his own advantage. On his quest Eketi met different people such as Mike A Nigerian, Inspector Pandey, Dolly the Eunuch and fall in love to Champy the Bhopal face girl who was also sister of Munna Mobile. He came to Number Six, Vicky Rai’s farmhouse because Ashok told him that the stone is there.

So who’s the murderer? Sorry, like my friend Abby always said when we watch a movie together “I won’t spoil it for you”, read the book and follow the adventure of each character and find out the answer for yourself.

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