on the bus…

I love ride a bus or public transportation. I travel to and from work everyday. In the morning my husband will drop me, but on the way back I took public transportation. Usually it takes 1 hour (if the traffic are ok) to get to the place where I have to take another bus home. The second ride just take 10 minutes (again if no traffic jam). After awhile I develop some kind of habbit or activities I do to kill the time. They are:

1. Sleep (when I feel really…really sleepy)
2. Read (I always have book(s) in my bag)
3. Play games in my mobile (limited games but it’s ok…)
4. Update status or give comments in FB (also through mobile)
5. Talking to the driver or stranger beside me (when they talk to me first)
6. Looking out the window and find something interesting.
7. SMS ing friends (or husband…)
8. Make/received a phone call (very rare)
9. Organize my handphone data (erase old and not so important message for example)
10. Listen to music from my Ipod (if the battery is on)

I can think of some more, but how about you?

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