minden hall…

I went to America in 1994 to get my master degree in Hospitality Administration at Johnson and Wales University Providence Rhode Island. And since I pay for my tuition including room and board, I got to stay in Minden Hall. I never stay in a dormitory before, so that was an interesting experience for me. There are 6 of us in one suite, but luckily me and my friend Maria got a small room together, so the rest share the big room. We all share one tiny bathroom that has a shower and a sink. Maria and I get along nicely, maybe because we’re both International students, and we’re doing our master degree.

The dorm located in 123 Waterman Street and it has 8 floors plus basement. I remember our room was on the third floor on the right side. There was a window in my room facing toward Thayer Street, one famous street in the east side. I love to look out of the window, open it a little bit when the weather is nice. I even took pictures of views from that window in the spring, winter, fall and summer. There I experienced my first Hallowen, and my first snow, I thought somebody was throwing cottons from the top of the building. The dorm has it’s own cafe on the first floor where we can eat, and laundry room in the basement.

In our small room there are 2 single bed and 2 tables for study. Maria chose the left bed and I was on the right. She prefer the table by the window and mine was by the door, it has a wall where I put up all my best blow up photos that make people think I was a model in my country. I remember Maria and I decorated the wall beside our bed with lots of pictures of our family and friends. We have a walk in closet where we share space for our clothes and shoes. The floor was covered by dark color carpet, we took time to clean up our room once a while.

From Minden Hall we can take bus to school since most of our class is in down town area and some at harbour side. I remember had a class early in the morning on saturday, and it was snow that day, there was no bus yet, so I had to walk few kilometer to class in the cold weather. The school bus from down town usually pass couple other dorms before stop at Minden. I enjoy taking bus as well as walk. When I walk I will pass Brown University area that is very closed by.

I was sad when Maria and I had to separate after our first year. She asked me to moved with her to an apartment, but I prefer to share rooms with some friends from my church. At least we made it for a year, the other roommates have problems and didn’t stay long, one go home and didn’t continue her study for some reason, the other 2 have problem with the other one, so they moved out in the middle of the school year. Just 3 of us left. Sometimes I went to visit friends in other dormitories, but I like Minden Hall better, maybe because of the location and the bulding design. As you can see in the picture, I believe that picture was taken in the winter because the tree are leafless. Nice right?

Note: Now Minden Hall is no longer JWU property, but belong to Brown University.

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