me and a pair of glasses…

When I was a teenager
I always wanted to wear a glasses
I put on my mother’s or father’s
and see my face on the mirror

But when I have to wear prescription glasses
I realize I don’t like it at all.
Cannot see something far clearly
always have to carry it everywhere

Among all my brothers and sisters
I am the only one who wear glasess
Sometimes i envy them
don’t have something stuck on your nose

I wear glasses when I was in high school
Since little I read lots of books
My mother’s said don’t read while laying down
maybe that’s why my eyes become weak

Once I wanted to become a pilot
but they said pilot must have 20/20 vision
so sad I must wave one of my dream
to be able to fly an aeroplane

I have try soft lens once or two
and it does looks better
but is not as easy as put on glasses
and one time it irritate my eyes badly

I thought as I get older
my eyes will be back to normal
but the fact is not as I expected
Now I have both minus and plus

I don’t remember my first glasses
but I have try many shape and colors
My last one is last for 4 years now
I think I need a new one….

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