i lost my handphone…

I remember reply my friend’s sms and update my status at Facebook just before I went to the cashier and pay for my stuff. When I got home I look for it in my bag, but I couldn’t find it. I didn’t know whether I lost it at the shop, in the public transportation, or someone stole it. My husband help to call it but no answer and went to the store to check if some one might find it, but no such luck.

It’s Nokia 6120. I bought it 2 years ago because the sales person said it’s good with the internet connection, and he’s right. I really enjoy Facebooking and blogging apart from SMSing and calling people. In there I keep not only the phone numbers of all my friends and family, but also their encouraging and lovely messages. I also had the reminder for their birth date and other special date. Not to mention all my kids pictures and video I took over the past years.

Loosing the gadget it self does make me weary, but what make me really sad is loosing the treasure I keep in there. Some can be replace, but some not. I blame myself for being careless, this is a hard lesson for me. I really wish to get a new one, hopefully is a better one.

I believe some of you have been in my situation. Share your story with me…

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