why I got so into korean drama?…

Since I work part-time I can go home early and catch the Korean drama on TV at 2.00 and 4.00 pm. At first I just watched it on and off, but then my friends (even my parents) started to talked about it, that make me curious and follow the story closely. Off course I am not only sitting down like couch potato watching the story flows. Since I have no maid, I still have to do some cleaning and cooking….during the commercial.

After watched some drama, I can tell that most of them hold the main theme of Cinderella. For example Jang Sae Byuk was an orphan girl fall in love to a rich man Kang Ho Se in You Are My Destiny. Another story is Secret Garden where Gil Ra Im a poor stuntwomen fall in love to Joo Woon the Rich eccentric CEO. If you are still not convinced how about Lee Seol in My Princess who was an ordinary college student and falling in love to Park Hae Yong the grandson of Daehan Group Owner. Or even an ordinary widow like Yuh Gae Hwa in O My Lady end up liking Sun Ming Woo the Top Star. Not to mention Princess Hours.

But another thing I noticed, although the Role Lady is poor and ordinary, they have something special, not just beauty but the strong character that made the Prince Charming falling for them. And as the story unfold, some even turned out to be the daughter of a rich woman, or a princess who was abundant, or the daughter of someone who once help the Prince and his family. Interesting how the writer or producer turn the same old theme to another sweet love story. Even though I like the “handsome and rich guy” in the story but I mostly fall in love to the female character, maybe because I can relate to they feelings (happy, anger and sad), struggles (being abundant or reject).

I think for one reason, the culture differences make me interest about the life of people in another country. I like when they sit down on the low table and eat together with food serve across the table like in You Are My Destiny and how they wear Han Bok the traditional dress for special events like in Cruel Temptation. I also like the beauty of the country side like in Je ju Island (Secret garden). And I thought the artists act naturally, not exaggerate like in most sinetron in Indonesia. But most of all I always love “love story” don’t you?


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