my 2011 birthday wish list…

My birthday is 2 months away. Just like last year, I want to express my wishes, just in case any of you are planning to give or buy me something. I will be so happy and appreciate it.

1. A pair of Yellow Wedges will bright up my day.

2. A Fixie Bike will be fun so that I can work out in the afternoon or week end.

3.Just a simple bouquet of Sunflower, It won’t cost much but it will make me smile.

4. My husband promised me one, just in case he cancel due to our financial situation.

5. A pair of Yellow Canary will make my morning noisy and lively.

As you can see they are all in yellow color since I always like yellow. Please confirm with me if you wish to buy me something because maybe someone else have gotten me that, but of course this is not an obligation, you are still my friend or my family even if you can effort to give me any present. These are just my wishes.


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