angels and demons…

I just finished read the book “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown. It took me a month to finish this book because I have to share it with my co-worker Santa. She the one who got interested in the book first but she didn’t borrow it. I pick up the book from where she leave it, and started to read couple pages, then I couldn’t put it down even though I still read another book. I told her that the story is interesting, she agreed so I promised to finish as soon as possible. Due to many reason I didn’t get to finished the book before lebaran break, but I have promised, so I pass the book on to Santa so she can read it during her trip to Jogja. I get the book back couple days ago, long after the break because she also haven’t finish. I get back to page 484 where I put my bookmark and lost in the adventure of Robert Langdon once again.

Robert is an expert in Religious Symbols. One night he got call from STERN, someone got murder and they need his help. In one night Robert found him self in a very exclusive science lab in the world and have to figure out who murder the Leonard Vetra, the brilliant Scientist whose body branded with the word ILLUMINATI. Robert believed that Illuminati society have extinct, but she have to prove it by fly to Vatican and faced more and more symbols related to that people. He was company by Vittoria Vetra, the daughter of the victim. Both they meet Commander Olivetti the head of Swiss Guard, then Camerlengo, the assistant of the Pope who is now in charge because the Pope just pass away sometimes before. They both risking their life by went from one historical places to another one try to saved the Cardinals who were kidnap and murder one by one by the assassin. But the main purpose is to save people from the explosion of antimatter, a substance that was found by Vittoria and her father, that was stolen from STERN and put somewhere inside the Vatican City.

The end of the story is truly surprising for me because to tell you the true I am not a person who can easily guess who is the bad guy and the good one. The author was successful lead me to think this person is the angel, but it turned out it’s the demon and the reverse. I can reveal only that much, if you want to know more, please read the book yourself. Now I can return the book to Santa so she can finish it.


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