my two grandma…

I just upload some old pictures to my Facebook the other day, and one of them is the picture of me and my sisters and brothers with our grandmothers. That picture was taken in 1975 at Palopo, one of the small town we used to live in South Sulawesi.

Oma Ota is my grandma from my father side and I have so little memories of her, except for one time she came to visit us in Manado, North Sulawesi. She’s wearing kebaya and kain like most of the traditional Mollucan women, and those clothes is wash with “kanji” a certain powder that make it very neat after the ironing. I remember she has a very deep eyes and she got the under eye pimples like the ones I have now. In December, 24th,1992 we got a sad news that she pass away. My dad took some of us to Ambon to attend her funeral. I think I was a bit scared of her and never feel really closed her. Just recently after reading my father autobiography I come to appreciate her, because she’s a tough woman. Her husband pass away when my dad was little, and she washed other people clothes to pay my dad’s school fee. My dad will never be a successful man if Oma Ota did not work very hard and pray for him.

Oma Dae is my grandma from my mother side. She’s a dressmaker and she made me lots of clothes. When she sew other people clothes, there will be left over material, and she know how to combine the fabrics to make a very nice and unique clothes for me. I remember watching her sew my clothes in the morning, and by afternoon I have already wear it to play outside with my sisters. She also taught me how to made pattern and how to cut the fabric perfectly, but too bad I never really into sewing thing. I loved her and feel so close to her. Too bad when she passed away in Ambon, I can’t see her, my mom flew back to pay her last respect.

As I write this I come to realized that their differences doesn’t mean one is better than the other. They have their own character but they have given their best to raised up their children. My father become a very hard working just like Oma Ota, and my mom is so loving just like Oma Dae. I am so grateful to have 2 beautiful grandmas and always keep this memories of them in my heart.


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