visit Malaysia, visit Melaka…

2 years ago my husband and I had plan a vacation to Malaysia for our family. He bought 4 tickets from one airline that always give promo (maybe you know this one). We were so excited at the time, but sadly due to our financial situation, we decided that only my husband and my son are going, so that we’re not totally at lost either. They went and had fun, as my son came back I called him “Upin” the famous character from one of Malaysia children animation.

This year in June, when I heard about a conference that held by our church in Kuala Lumpur, I really feel like going. But I am not sure whether I can do that because we have no budget, so I prayed. Thank God, my friend Mercy, who also wanted to go, got a good rate tickets (from the same airline as above) and my husband got a photo job that the fee just enough to pay for my trip. So I sign up.

The Conference was great, it was on Saturday and Sunday. I got to hear some great lesson, and meet new people. We stay at Taylor University in Ruemz Hotel for 2 nights, and then moved to a friend’s house because we have 2 extra days to stay. Mercy can’t wait to visits the mall for shopping, and we did go to Mega Mall. Our host Angeline and Andrew took us to The Twin Tower (Petronas) and another friend Katie Lee took us to eat Nasi Lemak somewhere in Petaling. But some people suggest us to go to Genting Highland or some other places, but one place stood out in my mind is Melaka.

Some times ago, I saw one serial drama on TV “Little Nyonya” and the story was about a hybrid family in Melaka. For some reason I really wanted to go there, and it happen that a group of people from the church were heading that way on Monday. So Mercy and I join with Hannah, Natasha, George, and Kathy from India. We got to see the ruins of a Portuguese church on the hill, we got to eat the famous Baba Nyonya food at one of the restaurant, we went to visit the old town and went into one of the old house that turn into a hotel, and we got to buy some souvenir at Jonker Walk to bring home.

I really recommend if you go to Malaysia, don’t miss Melaka. The place is full with history, if you want to know more about Melaka visit


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