second chance…

For the past 4 weeks we received so many wedding invitation and there is a wedding in every Saturday of this month. Even though I want to be in all the wedding, but I have to waved 2 weddings for good reason, my husband attend one on his own. I do love wedding, especially when I know the person very closed. I like it because it’s the time for love turn into a commitment.

On October first, I attended an old friend wedding. I haven’t meet her about 20 years or so. That’s why I was so curious about how she look now, how her family doing, and what the story between her and the guy she’s marrying. I was late, but the ceremony just started. I only see her back till later when she faced the audience. She’s so beautiful in her beige wedding dress. Long hair, low neck line showed her full figure. Her husband is a western guy, quite handsome and have a son from his previous married. I especially love the choir that sang some wedding songs. It really made the event lovely. We took some pictures in front of the church while exchange some information with the sisters of the brides.

Last week I was not only attend a wedding, but I was also on duty as a photographer while my husband do the MC. This wedding is rather special because is not just a wedding but 2 weddings happen in one place. The first one is the son’s wedding, and the next one right after that is the father’s. The son is the child from the first wife, then the father got remarried and have 2 other kids. The son also got married and have a son on his own. Sounds a bit complicated indeed but both of them never actually blessed in the Church. So this is a very special event for the whole family, and as I took pictures here I stand there and amazed how God works within this family.

Another wedding will happen this coming weekend. Last night we went to visit the venue. It was a small traditional restaurant outskirt of the city. My husband and I become the person in charge of the wedding and we want to make sure of everything. After talked about the decoration, the programme, the setting, the food, we’re doing the rehearseal to get everybody ready for the big event this weekend. It’s also weird because we just know these people for about 2 weeks, but we become so close to them. The Groom has 2 teenager kids, but I really appreciate the bride because she accept him, love his children, even win their heart. I can imagine how lovely the wedding is going to be, really hope it won’t be rain that evening.

Probably you can tell the similarity of these weddings. All of the groom were married before. I don’t know the detail story either divorce or a widower but I think people want to have a second chance. They want to continue life with someone they love, and i am happy for them. I really hope they will learn from their mistake, and make this one a better and lasting one.


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