jasmine got talent…

Do you remember Susan Boyle shocked Simon Cowell when she sang I Dream A Dream couple years ago?I think why people like to watch American Idol, British Got talent, or Indonesia Mencari Bakat it’s because regular people can have chance to show what they have. Their talent! I am not sure if everybody has some kind of talent, but it’s too bad if the talent didn’t get notice and have a way to bring it out.

I know from when she’s small my daughter Jasmine has talent in singing and music. She’s not only can carry a tune, but she memorized many songs even adult songs and she also guess the note easily (she play Flute at school). I am not a very musical person, but I used to learn piano, guitar, and singing in church choir for some times. I am more of a sport person, I play Basketball, Tennis, Swimming, even Chess. But My husband family is very musical, Yudi and his brother used to form a band and his cousins play Piano very well.

For quite some times I wanted to put Jasmine into music or vocal school, but we haven’t be able to do it for some reason. This month, after give lots of thoughts, We enroll her into Alto Music School. Although my concern is the place quite far from home, and the class is on Saturday noon, I am happy to see her excitement. I let my husband worry about the ride and everything.

I think we should do this a long time ago, when she’s 4, just like my sister put his son into piano lesson and now he play piano very good. But I also believe better late than never. I wish I can give her enough “bekal” for her future, just like my father and mother did to me when I was little.


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