shopping online…

Nowadays, everything seems to be a CLICK away. What I mean by that, is that we can buy almost anything on the internet. The other day I was trying. I never dare to do it before because I don’t want to give my credit card number to anybody, and I am afraid the things didn’t as nice as I see it in the picture. I wasn’t intended to, but as I read a news, I saw a fashion store add. I CLICK and here I am in the heaven of clothes.

I CLICK all the pages and find some that fit my taste, put them into my shopping cart, one light brown net blouse, one sexy dress in light blue, and one flowery long dress. Check it again, and send my order. Not long, I received an email asked me to transfer the money. I SMS them and make sure about the availability and color. And they assure me that they have everything.

It was Friday when I did it, and I kind of forget about it during the weekend. Monday, they remind me again about transfer the money if I want to get my order. I asked my husband and he said it’s fine, I asked him to help send the money. CLICK. It’s about 200,000 Rupiah.

On the next day, I got worry if they send it home, because I am working, and nobody home, except for my son who come home from school by 11. So I SMS back and forward to someone there. She said that they have send the order and there is no way to check it what time it will arrived. Thank God my order arrived safely, it was my son who received the package.

My order was fine, I try to put it on. The net blouse didn’t fit me at all. If I force I might broke the net. The sexy light blue one was ok, is just it reveal too much of my upper body. And the long dress, fit me but not really like what I have imagine. So I told my sister who like to sell clothes, bag or anything, to help me find other people who are interest in that clothes.

So my conclusion is I don’t really recommend people to do it. CLICK.

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