do you know…

that the black and white stripes combination on each zebra are unique like finger prints in human?

Like trees have rings, fish have microscopic “zones” within their scales that reflect seasonal growth patterns. A Pair of Zones represent one year.

Cranberry can keep bacteria from clinging to the urinary tract and play a role in cancer prevention.

Most studies of centenarians show that if you are a woman, a nonsmoker, wealthy, or slim, you have a big chance to reach one hundred years old.

Lacking of electricity, almost every household in Goma (Rwanda) depends on charcoal for boiling water and cooking.

President Lyndon Johnson signed the Wild and Scenic Revers Act in 1968. Now about 200 free-flowing rivers protected by the law in the United State. But that only about 0.35 percent of all U.S. river miles.

Sami herders follow the migration of the reindeer as they move across nothern Scandinavia and Russia from their winter grazing grounds to cooler areas during the summer months.

Source: National Geography November 2011.


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