My ABC of Christmas…

I know Christmas has passed. But I want to share mine with you, I hope you had a Merry one too.

A for Acer Aspire One Netbook my husband bought me this Christmas. It come in the Yellow color too, just the one I alwayss dream of.

B for Blok M Plaza, I love the giant white Christmas tree, artificial snow falling, the fun cooking and the Saxophone Santa there.

C for Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas Treasury I read everyday during Christmas. Got to return it to my sister Rannu soon, it’s hers.

D for my brother David Jacobs who won 7 medals in Asean ParaGames this December and make our family so proud.

E for Ezzy Video where we rented the christmas movies to brighten up our holidays.

F for February, the month Jasmine want Christmas to last

G for Gift exchange tradition, although many times I didn’t get what I really want.

H for Happy coz I can (still) celebrate Christmas with my mam and dad. Thanks God!

I for Inviting some friends over and have dinner with us before and after Christmas. Wish more have come.

J for Jesus who is the real Christmas Character, and not Santa.

K for Karaoke at Pejaten Village with my best friend Pur and her daughter Putri. We had such a great time, aren’t we?.

L for the Lights I got on discount at Giant Cinere. I wonder where is the old lights we had?

M for the christmas Mugs collection I take out only for the season.

N for Natal, that’s how you say Christmas in Bahasa Indonesia. Thanks to Mike for writing “Selamat Hari Natal” on FB.

O for O Holy Night, one of my favorite Christmas song.

P for wanting to Paint my house badly, but we got to postpone it again due to the financial situation.

Q for Quit my job this December and have time to focus on the kids. No rush in the morning anymore.

R for Recycle the Christmas paper bags from previous years. I always keep the nice one.

S for Sad coz I can’t find my Christmas Song book. Try to clean up everywhere but still missing.

T for Tupperware Cherry Red Collection my co-worker give me at my farewell party. They knew just what I want.

U for Utensils, I wonder where are they go, I need to buy the new ones.

V for Visit the orphanage with Pamulang Group and share our joy with the people there. Thanks Lina for the Food.

W for White blouse I really want but worry about my credit card bills. Suddenly My brother SMS me and told me to just buy it coz he will transfer the money. So sweet!

X for X’mas, what else?

Y for Yudi Hartanto my husband who always love and support me. Love you too Hon.

Z for Zipper, can’t closed it from too much eat.

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