I promised myself to enjoy this year…

So now I quit my job, something I’ve been waiting to do since last year. Now I can wake up without any burden, or have to rush going to work. But I am a morning person, so I wake up early anyway, help to prepare breakfast and send my kids to school. Then I have a quality time reading my Bible and pray, and talk to my husband for awhile if he didn’t have to go to work early. I want to enjoy this life.

That’s right, ENJOY will be my motto this year. I feel like I’ve been so tense with life lately, I went to work, I did the house work because no maid, I was also busy with my church activity, that makes me rush with things and didn’t enjoy my relationship, so this year My resolution are going to be:

1. Enjoy my relationship with God.
I want to be able to read my Bible for at least an hour a day without thinking I still have to do this and that. I want to learn about the characters of woman in the Bible and also some topic I need to work on. Also fill in my prayer journal, I love writing my prayers.

2. Enjoy my relationship with my Husband
And since his working hour is flexible we can have some times in the morning. I want to pray with him. I want to share my dreams, my thoughts and hope with him. And I want to talk about my high, happiness as well as my low and struggles. I want to support him in his goal, dream, decisions. And I want to go out on date every 2 weeks and have a great time with him.

3. Enjoy my relationship with my kids
This is kind of hard because I am a kind of controlling mother. I want my kids to do exactly what I plan or told them to do. I wasn’t always like this, I remember when they were little I used to read story to them, play games together, sang together and even do many adventure together. I really want to bring back that kind of mom in me, and have fun with my kids, even (especially) when study with them.

4. Enjoy my talents/hobbies
I want to grow in my writing, in that case, must push myself to write every other day if I can’t make it everyday. Also in photography, I feel like I kind of loose my passion these past year. I want to get it back. And the last one I want to read more books this year.

5. Enjoy my friendship
I have lots of friends, some are really close. I want to be able to communicate with them, spend time, listen to their stories over coffee, invite them for dinner, even have a trip with them.

This is not easy but I have faith I can make it. Wish me luck. What is your new year’s resolution?


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