bye bye birdie…

We already have a dog (Beyonce, 1.5 years old), 4 turtle (2 big ones has been with us for 7 years and 2 small just recently were given by y brother Joe), about 30 fishes, but somehow I still have enough space in my heart for another. I always wanted to have bird, yellow especially. I want to hear them chirp in the morning when I woke up.

So yesterday I went out to the market and bought a pair of small bird. They call this kind Emprit, because it’s very small. The guy put it them in a very small cage. Happily I went back, but on the way home I stop by to buy a cage, a proper one. The guy who sell the cage offered me bigger and nicer birds but I said maybe next time, this is my first attempt, and I hope it’s work. I spend about 2 dollar for all.

When I get home, I transfer the birds into the bigger cage, they were fly and jump all over the cage, very noisy. I prepared food for them. The guy said they eat rice that’s been put into water for 15 minutes, the rice got whiter and tender so the bird can eat it. I also put some water. They jump down to eat and drink right away. So funny because after eat they sat close to each other, tuck in their head and quiet. I think they took a nap. They are so cute…

My kids were at school, so this is going to be a surprise for them. My son came home first and notice the birds. He asked me tons of question, how much they cost, where did I buy it, are they brother and sister? etc. I asked him if he wanted to help me take care of the birds, he said No, because he already responsible to feed the small turtles and fishes. My daughter also was so excited and she even want to help feed and clean after the bird.

Now about the name. One of my FB friend, Maria suggest couple names, I like 2 because they sound birdie; Chirp and chuck. I started to called them that name, but then I got a better idea, we call them by their color, in fact is wasn’t their real color, the seller made them to distinguish between male and female. So I call the male Ijo, from Hijau (green in Bahasa) and the female is Ello from Yellow. My son agree with me, I guess coz it’s easier for him.

The night came, I told my husband to hang the cage because I was worry rats or other thing might hurt them. Morning has broken, they were safe and sound. after feed them in the morning, I drop my kids to school and met my mom. I told her I bought birds. My mom said be careful, because the fur are not good for kids. Then later when I came home, my mom called again and said, there are some case of Avian Flu going on in our area, so better be careful.

My husband came home from work in the afternoon. I told him the info, he said it’s better to let them go. I have an appointment with a friend so I went out, but when I got home, my daughter told me that they have let go off the birds. She said she was sad and write about her feeling on her blog. Now I share with you on my blog. I really hope the birds will survive out there. Well isn’t it better for them to go back to their habitat?


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