happy birthday Daddy…

I love you daddy
you are my hero
(and you always in my dream)
I love you daddy o daddy
You are my superstar…

I remember this song sang by Ricardo & Friends many year ago. I used to sang it with my brothers and sisters when we were small, and it happen that we call our father “daddy” and not “papa”. But to tell you the true, I can truly say “I Love You Daddy” just a few years back.

I am proud of my dad coz he’s work very hard to get where he is now, and I also admire his heart coz he always help other people, family or not. but now I can say I love him coz as I get older I realize he is the best father for me.

I feel bad did not get a chance to met him today, coz he was busy at church the whole day, so do I. My brother and sister took him out for lunch and I couldn’t make it. But I am glad we got to talked on the phone in the evening and I can pray for him.

I wish my dad will enjoy his life now, coz he is so blessed by God, and I hope I can enjoy his present many more years. I love you Daddy.


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