I shouldn’t have done that….

Just after I brag about my 2012 resolution, how I want to enjoy my relationship with my kids, I have fall short right away. I got so impatient with my daughter Jasmine.

Sunday morning she was writing something at study room while I was getting ready for church. When I saw her I scolded her for use the A4 paper recklessly and leave papers everywhere. she started to cry because she was feeling unhappy already from leaving behind by my husband and son who are going to church earlier.

Then in the evening when I accompany her to do her homework, I got so irritate to find out how messy her notebooks were. They were full of drawing and scribble in the back, many pages torn, and not neat. And when I check her agenda, I found out she lost her Social Study notebook. Again I lectured her for being such a careless students, and I said I can’t understand how can she study and understand the lesson with such messy notebooks.

This morning she woke up just fine, get ready and had breakfast. But after that she loose focus and take care something unimportant, Her brother and I are ready, but she was not finished put on her shoes and I have to look for her socks, because she didn’t prepared them. On the way to school the road is jam, I looked at her in the eyes and told her how she need to be faster in the morning if she doesn’t want to be late to school.

Luckily she’s not late, and we all relieved. I also got a chance to buy her notebook to replace her lost one and buy her some food to eat at the recess. Then I went to a store to do some grocery, but since the store open at 8, I buy a bowl Chicken Porridge from a street vendor nearby and ate it there. As I open my bag to pay, I found a yellow pen with a note inside my bag. I was surprise because the day before I asked if I can have it but Jasmine said “no, I like it too”

It turn out that morning my daughter change her mind and she decided to give it to me, because she knew I love yellow. She write a note “sorry, I was yell at you Mom, but I was hurt as well. Thank you for taking me to church although I prefer to go with papa. I have a present for you, the yellow pen you like, please accept it. Thank you for being nice to me last night. Sorry this paper is wet because I cried when I wrote this. I love you Mom.

I was ashamed of myself, being so impatient and not be able to understand my child. When I got home I take the time to think and pray, I asked God to give me the wisdom to see Jasmine’s strength more than her weaknesses and to respect her uniqueness. When she came home from school, I apologize and thank her for the pen and note. She reply, thanks for the lunch too, mom!


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