d r e a m . . .

my daughter’s woke up early morning
she told me she had a dream
she asked me to stay by her side
and listen to the story
she dream of a big castle with a funny dog
That remind me when I was in her age
I really love to dream
I dream about being chase by a murder,
and feel like I couldn’t move my feet.
I dream about being fall and flying,
and when I fly, I fly like a butterfly
I dream about found valuable things
when I woke up I look for it under my pillow
Back then I can control some of my dreams
If I had a nightmare, I know it.
I would tell myself “It’s just a dream”
and I don’t feel afraid anymore
When I woke up in the middle of my dream,
I just concentrate, back to sleep
and there I go, the dream’s continued.
I remember kept a dream diary,
where I write the details of all my dreams
I think I can remember my dreams
because mostly happen in the morning.
I still dream but not that much
and not as outrages as when I was a teen.
I love dreams even when it scary
and I love when my daughter share hers to me.


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