the art of ironing…

Ironing is my least favorite chore, but I have no choice since we don’t have maid, and I don’t feel like spending money on Ironing Service.

This is my habit of ironing; I do it once a week. Usually after I took the dry clothes from the sun, I would folded them nicely in a pile and put it in our extra room. When the proper time is come, Monday night is my less busy night, I will place a thick fabric (usually folded bed linen) on the floor (I didn’t use the ironing board), then sit down on a flat pillow and start to do it. I start with my kids clothes because is smaller and faster to do it, then my clothes, and lastly my husband. I Really struggles with big shirts and pants.

So to make it less burden I find something else to do as well. First choice will be doing it at night, after the kids go to sleep while watch film on TV. And many times the job is done the same time as the movie. Second thing is to do it while online, I can check my e-mail, Facebook, even blogging. As a matter of fact that’s what I am doing right now.

The interesting facts about ironing is that:
* my son’s clothes always create the highest pile (well, you know boys they always sweat and full of dirt), my daughter and my husband always compete for the 2nd and 3rd place. But mine always be the least one, maybe because I tend to use my clothes twice if it not really dirty, thinking I will do all the work by myself.
* There is always something I found in the pocket, either money, coin, tissue, paper and other things. I always forgot to check before I do the laundry, so I found those things during the ironing session.
* My husband told me that I don’t need to iron t-shirt or pajama’s that we use at home, but somehow I always end up iron everything. It feels better to wear clothes that was iron.
* Somehow Ironing always remind me of some people, because most of my kids clothes are gift on their birthday or Christmas, or hand down from older cousins (is not like I don’t buy them clothes but that’s the fact). And I will be grateful for those clothes.
* I always have pain on my right shoulder afterward because of my sitting position, but my lovely husband it’s ready with the Counterpain and massage for muscles relieves.

In case my kids need their clothes that day, and I haven’t iron it, I’ll just do it in the morning, on my bed. and afterward my kids will have a good time lying down on that spot because it’s warm.

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