yesterday I attended my best friend Ulani Doctoral graduation….

Our friendship started right at the beginning of college, our freshman year. This pretty girl with long hair came to me and asked if I can share my drink with her. Later on when I sleep over her house to work on a project together, we found out that we share the same birthday. what a coincidence! So we celebrate our first birthday together by treat our friends at ice cream park Lembang.

I remember I went to visit her hometown in Majalaya. She invited me, so one day I took the bus and went there, but too bad she wasn’t home. I got to met her Chinese Father and Sundanese Mother, her parents run a furniture shop in that little town. They were so nice invited me to eat with them.

At that time she went out with this tall guy, her boyfriend from high school, quite handsome from the same town. But later on they broke up and she met Yunus, the man who become her husband now. They met in one retreat, he madly fall in love to her. He came several time to visit and talk to me, knowing that I am her best friend.

Their love story going on till they got marry a month right after her graduation. I was there as one of her “pagar ayu” wearing purple kebaya with some other friends. They had their wedding vow in a church then continue with a big party at one of the best Hotel in Bandung. I was still struggle to finished my thesis at the time.

Then my family moved to Jakarta, so does she. I was there when she delivered her first child, a cute baby boy, they named Rainer. It was on a small hospital in the east of Jakarta. I remember a nurse came in to check her, when she find out that I wasn’t married, she asked me to wait outside.

She also came to the airport to say good bye when I go to United State to study for my Master Degree…

There was a time when we accidentally bump to each other on a bus stop. We were so happy and chat, but her bus arrived and she has to go. I forget where I suppose to go, but I decided to follow her, get into her bus, accompany her to Bekasi where she lived. We continued talk on the way, and when we got to Bekasi, I took another bus back to Jakarta.

She and her husband came to my wedding reception…but too bad we didn’t get a chance to take picture together.

We met on and off during the years, at the mall, in her apartment in Sudirman area, go together at FIKOM reunion, etc. She and her husband always keep in touch, and try to arrange get together once a while with other friends.

Last December she invited me to come to her Thesis Defense Exam, but I couldn’t make it because I really can’t leave work. Many of our friends came and support her. She was there faced the professor who asked her many difficult question, and finally she graduate with Summa Cum Laude.

I am so proud of you Ulani. you are always been a role model to me. You are a woman with great career, someone who never stop learning, a good mom and wife. Congratulation, I dedicated this page to you.

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