jasmine is a girl and egdar is a boy…

Jasmine like Cheese and Edgar loves Chocolate. So when I buy Sari Roti, the bread with 2 filling, they split it 2 and 2.

She will get ready last minute, sometimes late for school, but he is happy if he can get to school 1 hour early so he can play soccer with his friends.

Jasmine is good in art, she can play music and love to dance, and like I said Edgar is excellent in sports. He’s also good in biking.

Jasmine wants a birthday celebration with family or friends but Edgar will make sure he got presents for his birthday

When they received money from an aunt or opa, Jasmine will saved her money in a piggy bank, but Edgar will spend every penny he has

Jasmine is an adventurous when it come to food, she dare to try new things, but Edgar don’t eat something he didn’t recognize

but Jasmine will eat the tasty ones first, while Edgar leave the best for last.

Jasmine wants a cat and Edgar has a dog, the name is Beyonce.

If we let her, Jasmine can stay late to watch a movie. She seems to always alert till the end of he story but Edgar will fall of sleep in the middle if not the beginning.

Jasmine said she want her room to be blue, and Edgar prefer green walls

Jasmine don’t really care about the time, It took her forever to finish a small bowl of rice and chicken, mean while Edgar count every single minutes. Finish his lunch 5 minutes or take shower 2 minutes.

I still try to figure out more differences but for sure one thing they have in common, they both came from one womb. mine!


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