today I….

Took my kids to visit their friend’s house. They were really excited about it. It’s a bit far but we took the short cut through the village, only Edgar insist to ride his bike. We visit Luna, Jasmine’s friend, Ray, Edgar’s classmate, and Rama another friend from the same school.

Brought 50,000 in my pocket. I Spend 6000 for a plate of Ketoprak (I share with Edgar), 2,500 for bread (for Jasmine), 8,500 for bananas, 11,500 for flour (I plan to make friend banana). So total spending is Rp. 28,000.

Received book from Bandung. My friend Lena Pasaribu has been offer me to buy the book she wrote about her and her daughter Gisella. I order 2 exemplar. Let’s Curhat Mom! is the title.

Listened to Adele Song “Someone Like you”. My friend sends me this song couple weeks ago, but only today I really pay attention to it. My daughter Jasmine soon got into this song and we saw different people who sang it in YouTube

Wrote a script for my family devotional. My husband chooses the topic from Matthew 25:11. And he asked me to develop the story about Talent so we can act it out. I become the 3rd servant with 1 talent, and act as a really lousy servant.

Cooked boiled chicken with garlic and put some soy sauces to it. Not really good but not bad either. We ate some for lunch and they finished it at dinner.

Chatting with Tri, my friend from College. She’s an English teacher in Salatiga now. We catch up each other news in English. So happy to meet an old friend we haven’t contact for about 25 years. Thank God for FB.


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