i need home improvement badly…

I saw Clean House and The Amanda’s on Style today, and I am always a big fan of house or room make over. I even enjoy to accompany my daughter to play room makeover game that you can find easily in girl’s game on the internet.

Couple months ago my friend Susan was lucky to have her bedroom make over by one of TV station in Jakarta. Even though they brought back most of the stuff they showed on TV, but she got her room painting with nice color and got some furniture. I envy her.

Although I like my house and the stuff in it, but there are so many things need to be improved. We haven’t done anything since we moved here 9 years ago, except for some minor fix. If you are visiting, you can see my kids scrabble all over the place, it’s kind of cute back then when they were small, but now it make the house look dirty. Not to mention the chipped walls, the unfinished indoor garden, the faded door painting, not function light bulb and messy ceiling in my bedroom from the water licking couple times.

2 months ago my sister next door renovated her house. She got it painted all white including the iron brass at the window. I like the clean tone, but I think I will go for some colors when I do mine. I imagine yellow Kitchen, white study room and maybe green bedroom (still look for a better color). There are tons of pictures in the internet I can find in looking for the one fit for my personal taste.

Sometimes I just want to do it myself, fix room by room. Oh I wish it was easy just like in the game, click here and there to get my dream room. Or win a home make over ticket but it isn’t that easy. We need either money or miracle for that and I hope it will come anytime soon. God Speed!!!!


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