It’s been a long and fun weekend…

It started on Thursday for me, even though the holiday was on Friday. I spend almost all day outside the house on Wednesday, and come home really late that night, so I become very tired and decided to stay home on Thursday. It happen that my son Edgar was having fever and not going to school, so we both turned into couch potato that day. My husband went to work at noon, to make sure we are doing ok. Later on my daughter Jasmine came back from school and join us. I try to write something for the whole day, and end up upload my last topic after the sun goes down. Basically my day was filled with mix of these Logos bellow… am I bad or what?

Friday morning we went to our friends Rebi and Cynthia’s house. There were bunch of people coming and we have plenty of food (Fruits, snacks, fried chicken with rice)and drinks. Thanks to Binsar and Aida to arrange those foods. My friends Ben and Lily made up some games for us to play, it was really fun. I like the one where husband and wife were tied with ropes and they have to released themselves. I took many pictures while playing and eating at the same time. It was 3 pm, we are the last to leave the house, but the fun is not over yet. We’re going straight to our friend Ben and Lily’s home to try their new massage chair. I wasn’t too tired to enjoy the chair but I enjoy my talk with Lily, and she’s so nice to give Jasmine a new hair cut. We go home when it’s dark only coz we remember our dog need to have her dinner.ImageImageImageImage

On Saturday, we have another fun with our friends Alex and Desi. We took the kids to the Baliview swiming pool. They actually have swam yesterday, but didn’t mind to do it again with us. Bryan their eldest didn’t come, but my kids have fun with Nuel. Yudi accompany them but I decided not to swim. Desi and I just stand by the pool while watching the kids and having a good time talking. Her Husband Alex also did not swim coz one of his toe is hurt. We spend good 3 hours there, the kids came out for awhile to eat and go back to the water right away. At 13.00 we have to kind of force the kids to stop because we have church service in the afternoon. ImageImageImage

Then finally on Sunday, very early in the morning we left our house heading toward the city. We attended the Walkaton & Bikeathon 2012. This is a yearly event, walk for charity, and this year purpose is to help the TB patients in Indonesia. The fun thing about this event is, we got to walk about 10 km (from Monas to Bundaran HI then back to Monas) with our friends, no rush, take your time while talking and taking pictures. Many people bring their kids, babies even dogs. This is the protocol street of Jakarta which I rarely pass by car, let alone walking (accept for this event). When we get back, we can have fun eating with some entertainment, while the kids can play games. It was so hot out there but people seems to have fun. I got home around one and took a nap right away. ImageImage

What about you?

2 thoughts on “It’s been a long and fun weekend…

  1. Surely you mean COUCH potato, not coach, dear? The rest was vintage Nova, you’re such a unique storyteller. My regards to da happy family , remember me from way back when in B’dung (early nineties), Mas Frank

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