Just an idea…(1)


When roaming in our front yard this morning, found this interesting plant grow wild in front of my sister’s house. I don’t know the name in English but we called it Keladi. Pull it up and think what should I do with it. First I thought I will plant it in a pot, but another idea came up to mind.


I Remember the glass vase my mother gave me long time ago. It just sitting on the top of refrigerator doing nothing. And it just the perfect size for the plant.


Inside that glass vase I collect these colorful glass beads I bought also long time ago. Sometimes I use it for decoration, but it’s been there for awhile collecting dust. Put them out and washed them.


I didn’t cut the root of the plant but washed it till all the dirt came out. Filled the vase with water till half way.


Placed the plant inside the vase and to make it stand and firm, I put the glass bead one by one. That makes the water goes up to three quarter of the vase.


Voila! what do you think? I hope the plant will survive for a long time and make my living room fresh and beautiful.


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