shoes story….


I bought this anklewrap black shiny peeptoe last December. It’s kind of a Christmas present for myself. I’ve been eyeing them for awhile before I actually bought them. I usually never keen on peeptoe, but when I tried them with bright red nail polish apply on my toes, They look great. When I wear it first time on Christmas eve, I am not too happy, because they hurt my feed. I try to soften the leather by put wet newspaper on it, and it works. So far I have wear it to 3 weddings and some church service.


I love this light brown wedges I bought from my co-worker couple years ago. I often wear them to the office when I still worked. I like the style, too bad now the leather were peel off everywhere. I hope I can find a way to fix them that’s why I still keep them.


This is actually is a Sandals. I like the gray flower on black. I bough them at a store nearby. It has 2 color, the other one is brown with pinkish flower, But I end up choose this one and I don’t regret it. I wear it with jeans or short when I go grossary shopping or to the mall.


I am more to brown or black when it comes to shoes shooping, but when I saw this colorful wedges, I can’t take my eyes of it. I like the front style, 3 colorful strips hold into one. It’s nice to wear with jeans and different colors top. I wear this when I went to Malaysia last year, It’s quite comfy.


I actually just bought this last weekend, it’s unplanned but it’s a good deal. On Saturday I went to accompany my sister to shop, after she paid we got a coupon where we got Rp. 50,000 off the price of the next item we buy. At first I have different things in my mind but when I went to the shoes section, and saw this one, I decided my mind right away. I used to have the same one but black suede couple years ago. What attract me is the nice little ribbon on the front, but I’ve been wanting to have flat shoes for sometimes.


I bought this just last year, but since I wear them most of the time, it’s become wear off on the bottom part. I like the cross stripe with white stiches on it. It’s also a wedges and comfy.

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