no more mr. nice guy…

a month has pass since we hook up with Groovia

the cable TV with about 80 something channels

It came free with the Speedy internet connection

that brought me to a whole different world.

thought I would never go back to the local channels

because so many new things have enticed me

must admit it make me too comfortable at home

yet get so many cool ideas at the same time

Like the Dress My Nest and Clean House from Style

Nate Berkus is my favorite from Life Inspired

Have you watch SMASH and Suits from DIVA

My kids are so into the Disney and Cartoons Network

That’s why Surprised when can’t open most of the programs

My husband call to check with the station

They said the free stuffs are over

knew it from the start it wasn’t last forever

But thought it would be much longer

Cannot watch Glee and Merlyn anymore

and will definitely miss How I Meet Your Mother

I guess No more mr nice guy

but grateful we still have HBO, kids channels and National Geography on.

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