visited my childhood memories…

Palopo is a little town in South Sulawesi, and I had an opportunity to visit it last week. Our family used to live there in the year of 1973-1978 when my dad become a branch manager in a government bank there. I can still remember clearly most of the places, from my 7 years old eyes it look much bigger and farther, but now seems smaller and closer. Places changes and people get older (some has pass away) but the memories remained and I want to share it here with you.
This was our old house, but turned into a hotel after we moved.
If I continued practice in this court, I might be a pro Tennis pro by now.
The Church my family used to go. There are classes for sunday school in the back.
The plain where I played soccer with the boys in the afternoon.
I got my tonsil out in this Hospital. I remember many ice cream came after that operation.
This was our 2nd home, right next to my father’s office.
This was the my school before we move out of this town, I attended 2 other schools before this.
A palace of the Luwu’s Sultan, It look much bigger back then.
Kapurung… one of my favorite food made of sagu, fish and vegetable.
My father old office. I got hit by a becak in front of this place when riding a bike.
I like to visit this harbor back then, I still do now.
My dad (tall grey hair) with some people I knew from the past…
I surely enjoy this journey…


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