the ups and downs of my trip to Makassar….


the smooth take off and landing of Batavia Air, our flight.

the hospitality of my relative at Palopo, allow us to stay at their place

the great food I have chosen and tasted

the heart to heart talk I had with my aunt

see my dad had such a great time with his old friends

visit our family properties

riding becak (rickshaw)

the great phone connection, I can update my FB status everyday

help my aunt around the house, cleaning, doing dishes

meet and take picture of some kids around the neighbourhood

great weather during our trip

Visit the famous Losari Beach

attended my church service, great sermon by the preacher

accomplished our mission



squeeze in the back for 3 hours because the public transportation load too many passengers

miscommunication because my husband use another number on his phone without notice me

get a diarrhea on the 3rd day

can’t take picture in some nice places because I forgot to charge my camera bateree

didn’t get to eat some dishes that I want

had some conflicts with my dad

a lot of walking in the sun, not good for my skin

buy something I don’t really need

miss to visit The Rotterdam Fort

didn’t buy anything for my kids

last-minute shopping at the airport make the cheap stuff expensive

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