2 vs.16

Lately I’ve been so tired because my son Edgar wake up too early in the morning. I don’t mind actually, is just he make lots of noises, open and close the door, turn the light on and off, calling my husband to wake up. Sometimes on 4 sometimes on 3, that long before my alarm clock turn on. He was determined to be the first student to get to school, and since my husband didn’t want to make 2 trips to school, he rushed her sister Jasmine to get ready early too. One time I even went to school with them and we made it at 6 but his friend (the one who’s always come early already there) beat him again.

I admired his determination, but decided to sit him down last week, because he started to whining when my husband didn’t follow his will. Other than asked him to not make noises in the morning,  I try to gave him some option what he can do till we all wake up at 5. I also told him to find out why his friend have to come that early everyday? What time did he woke up, and what time he leave home? I also wonder because his house is further than us. The next morning my son did well, and my husband end up took him to school first, and he was so happy because he get there before Meus.

Today I saw the Human Stories at Discovery Home and Health Channel, and I was so amazed by a family with 16 kids. The other day I also saw another family with 14 kids and this one has most boys, only one girl. They seems so organized, the kids help out their parents with the chores, and the mother seems to have self control and composed in facing all the kids and the hectic schedules. I only have 2 kids but almost everyday I loose my temper and get very emotional, how can they do it? I felt like I was beat up by these mothers. I just imagine they must be constantly work, how can you take a nap thinking you have to make dinner for 13 kids, or go to bed early before all your love ones tuck in their bed? Let alone sitting down and watch TV like what I am doing most afternoon.

One thing that struck me the most, one of the mother said, she has quiet time in the morning before her kids wake up. I think what make them strong and handle the situation nicely because they gain strength from their relationship with God and they maintain discipline all the time.Today my kids are away sleeping over at their friend’s house. It’s definetely a time up for me, but I started to miss them as well. I was alone most of the time coz my husband went to work for the whole day. Watching this stories help me to realized that what I went through is nothing compares to many mothers in the world. Some have special need kids, some have disabilities kids, or very sick kids. I need to be grateful for what I have, and be discipline to make the best of my time with them.


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