not really a good day for me…

Started with my son’s bad attitude. He was upset because he didn’t finished his math homework last night. I try to be patient but he didn’t want to listen my advice and do his own thing. His sisters who usually ready after him now is waiting for him. They left home really late, most likely they were late for school.

When I was busy deal with Edgar, my husband was busy stamping some kind of ticket. I know he has a big event coming up and he quite stress about it, but I really need his support. On top of that he didn’t tell me his schedule for today. We supposed to pray together but he had to leave early to send invitations to some schools.

Then I SMS my friend to say sorry about not coming on the Sunday night meeting. She reply that she was upset because I didn’t tell her personally. we get home almost 6pm, make sure my kids take shower, study and do their homework and have dinner. My husband went by himself. I was so tired from 3 days workshop, I can’t take another meeting, even though it was a relaxing one.

Then my mom called. She asked me what time I will come. 2 days ago I promised her that I will help her cooking. My father friends will come over and she prepared some food for them. I said I’ll come in the afternoon, she said she need help before noon, she seem upset and get off the phone after said She must get back to work. I feel guilty because I can’t keep my promise.

The reason why I can’t make it to my mom house in the morning because I am waiting for the worker who will renovating my house. They supposed to start yesterday, but he said he will do some material shopping. So they promised to come at 10am, but they show up at 11.30. I can’t do much because I can’t leave the house without knowing what will they do with my place.

While waiting for them, I clean up my kids stuff. First because I can’t stand the mess anymore, and another important reason is I must find my son’s exam card. My daughter is so unorganized. she has paper lying everywhere, books are not tidy, pen and pencil not in place make me so upset, especially with many test paper that has unsatisfied grade. Argggg… I am getting dizzy.

I made a decision that I have to pray and read my Bible. I’ve been busy the whole morning that I haven’t make time for that. So I pour out my heart to God and meditate on his work. I feel calmer afterward and think through what I need to do. I know that my day begin not as good as I have expected, but I believe it’s up to me to make it better.


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