just when i thought it will get better, it get worse…

I write this because my stress level is already reach the red alarm.
I have 4 things juggling in my mind right now.
First is the mess in this house I can’t stand
Yes, we are doing the renovation I try to work room by room
but there are too many stuff and everything is everywhere.
I just try to make sure I know where I put my kids stuff
because they need to study for their exam.
This is a bad idea to have the house renovation during the exam week.
I should have thought about it before
because having 2 big things going on at the same time is really stressful.
The reason why I want it to happen last week is because we’ve been postpone it.
We have some money in the bank and I don’t want it spend for other purposes.
But after the work started my husband told me he had use some to pay bills.
I was shocked, He said he will replace it from sell one of our motorcycle but still.
So money also become an issue here, and I don’t know how we can manage this.
I feel like everything got so out of control.
And even though my husband try to help in the house and with the kids,
at the moment he also very busy with work
because there is a big event coming this weekend
he become really tired and fall of sleep couple times
when he supposed to finish some work at night.
This morning I cried because my heart is so full.
I try to find comfort in God. My husband asked me to pray together.
I know I can’t control everything or everybody.
I decided to do what I can do and let God help me with the rest.
I clean up the yard, I ironing my kids clothes, I prepared food.
Then I help covering the stuff with plastic
because the worker will work with paint today.
I really hope the work will be done by Thursday or at least Friday.
because the end of this week will we will be very busy.
but just when I thought it will get better, it get worse
in the afternoon the machine to spray the paint is broken
and they are still working on the first door,
there are 9 more doors and windows left.
I am so struggle… try to keep my head above the water.
Please help me God…


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