can’t forget about “price tag”

2 weeks ago My husband and I were invited to a christian gathering, and he was asked to be a speaker. I was more than happy to go with him because I am going to see some friends there. I wear this new checker green shirt I bought just couple days earlier. It looks great on me, I feel so much younger…(I think)

We had a great time, I talked to my friends and met some new people. But the next day I was shocked, because when I put away my clothes, I found a price tag on the collar of my shirt. I did remember took away the big price that used to place on the back of the clothes, but forget to take out the small one by the collar. I try to imagine what did they think when looking at the price tag, did they think I try to show off? Why didn’t anybody told me about it?

This is not the first time I was embarrassed by the price tag. Couple years ago I bought a black see-through blouse. I wear it to the church the next day. A friend nicely pull me aside and told me that I still have the price tag on the bag inside my blouse. I went to the toilet at once to take it out. But even as I go out I still feel the heat on my back as if it’s still there and everybody can see it.

My daughter loves to sing the song by Jessie J, “forget about Price Tag”. It was a nice song and I enjoy it, but sorry can’t forget it for now.


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