be safe…

Today I saw Crime & Investigation Channel. I watch a story about an 11 years old girl got kidnapped when she was waiting for the school bus. The family and friends were shock and sad to lose her. 18 years later they found her alive already have 2 kids with the abductor, but in many cases things are worse. Kidnapping, rapping and murder are things that we wish never happen in our live, because if it does, it change our live upside down.

I am a not a fearful woman. Since I was a teenage, I went to another city by myself, I travel by night on the public bus. One time I even dare to except an offer from stranger to go to their house. Thanks God that nothing bad ever happen to me, but there is always possibility. Now I am a mother of 2, and although we live in a quite save neighborhood, my house is next to my sisters and we try to look after each but sometimes I worry for my kids.

Last Sunday my husband and I challenge our kids to take bus from church to a point where we will pick them. They were dare. We didn’t give them money (because that day it’s the free ride day) and we didn’t give them mobile phone (just in case). We drop them on a bus stop nearby and saw them get into the bus. It was empty, but it got so packed after few stops. We actually ride our motorcycle close to the bus, but we got to the destination first. I went in to pick them up but surprised because they’re not there. I though are they missing this stop because too many people? or maybe they got down early? I rush back to my husband who’s wait by the street, and told him to go back to the bus stop before that one. At first we didn’t see them, we make a u turn, and saw them on the side walk. Thanks God, it was quite an adventure.

But I know situation is not always saved. We don’t know if the person next to us is sane or not. And I know I can’t be with my kids for 24 hours, but I can’t be paranoid either. I have taught them some street smart, I hope they are not just dare but smart as well to face difficult situation. Just Like the TV serial World Worst Mom. I taught my kids how to use knife, using stove, direction, and how to deal with stranger, but even so I hope and Pray that nothing bad will ever happen to them.


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