Jasmine’s first week…

I kept a diary for jasmine when she was a baby.
And here is the story of our first week together…

– She was predicted to be born on July 19, so it’s 5 days late…
– I was in labor for 30 hours. from Monday noon until Tuesday night.
– I prayed she will be born that night by 9, otherwise I am going for caesarian. God answer my pray…
– I feel like her eyes were looking at me as she was being clean by the nurse
– My husband were there through all the delivery process.
– I had a hard time eat during the contractions, so after the delivery I was so hungry. I order food but since it was late at night they only have bread for me.
– The nurse brought Jasmine to me at 4.30 to be breastfeed, but I still have little milk in me.
– when I went to the toilet that morning, suddenly blood rush out of my body. the nurse walked me back to bed because I become so dizzy.
– My dad suggested to name her Mega for Madame Megawati just became a new president in our country, but I have name prepared for her.
– My husband filled in a form for the birth certificate. We are officially parents.
– The next day I felt sad because I can’t breastfeed her, she need to be treated with special light in the incubator.
– I joined a breast massage class with other moms.
– I went to visit her in the babies room, and although her eyes were covered, she seem to know my presence.
– On the fourth day I can go home but she must stay because still yellow (jaundice)
– I cried on the way home as I listened to a spiritual kid’s songs play on the tape.
– On Saturday, we went to visit her, I brought a bottle of my milk that I had pump at home.
– Her bilirubin level down to 13 from 19. it supposed to be 10 or below…
– When my husband was at church on Sunday the hospital call that she can come home.
– My parents canceled their plans and meet me at the hospital
– I take care of everything and bring her home.
– My father and mother-in-law missed her first day home because they’re going out of town.
– Bathing her for the first time on Monday morning. Not really a successful one.
– My husband helps with the dirty laundry.
– Tuesday morning my husband put her in the sun while I tidy up the room.
– The bathing session is prepared and better than yesterday
– by the end of the week about 40 friends have come to visit us.

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