He is my brother…

His name is David Jacobs
He was born in 1977 at Makassar
something wrong with the right hand
Feeling weird have a left handed sibling

I remember always pick on him
Compared him with the older brothers
Beat him on many games
enjoy saw him cry when he lost

A Ping Pong table in front of our house
When we lived in Batang, Central Java
was his game every afternoon
Never think is a beginning of something

My mother traveled back and forward
when he studied in another city
My father work hard to supported him
don’t think I had contribute anything

From a small town player
won competitions in the cities
Then became a National athlete
I hardly attended his games

Get married and have kid didn’t wore him down
Get older and many young players
Make him practiced even more
I only said “great job bro!”

Now he won a bronze medal in Paralympic London
My wall full of “Congratulation” from many people,
I am so proud because he is my brother
yet I feel like I have missed so many things…


4 thoughts on “He is my brother…

  1. it’s a very nice comment sis,,,,shortage of people does not mean he can not do anything. Instead, we must learn to respect people with all its shortcomings instead of excess.

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