overcome a new challenge…

About a month ago I got an offered to become a interpreter in a seminar. The e-mail came from a friend through my husband’s and Yudi asked me if I would like to try. I remember said I am not really sure if I can do it. But my husband told me that this is an opportunity to measure my ability in this area. While hang some pictures on the wall, I made a decision to take it.

I am not stranger in translator and interpreter field. For sometimes after my son was born, I quit my job and did translation at home. I once doing translation for some TV programs, then some books, and the one I think is so special is a project of editing a version of The Bible. In the church, before we had the radio, I used to interpret for foreigner who came to the service on Sunday. But never once I stand in front of many people and do it. This is totally a new challenge for me.

As the time approached, the speaker sent the power point material to me, and when I try to study it out, I feel so frustated because there are so many unfamiliar terms for me. It turn out the seminar is about fitness machines, and I am not really in to that stuff. I told my husband to find someone else to replace me, I don’t really care about the amount of money they offered for this job. But I keep on study the material because I am not sure if anybody will make it in such a short notice, and I feel like I need to be responsible with my “yes”.

When we have guess speaker from abroad, someone always stand in the front and interpret for him/her, and that seems so easy. I sometimes pick up the mistake of the interpreter, or even translate the sentences in my mind. But as I try to practice at home through TV program where I play with the on/off button, I realize that interpreter is not that simple. I found out some flaws such as; my voice seems to not clear, I can’t think fast enough, I become frustate with long sentence. I went to YouTube and study out some technis and I pray to God for strength.

The day before the Seminar I felt just like when I was in my last year at College. I remember thinking I don’t want to go through the exam where I have to defend my thesis in front of many teachers. I feel like I want to fast forward my life just like the movie “Click” or I feel like I want to go to sleep and wake up on the next day. I was really stress with the task I am going to perform. I asked my husband to stay awake to translate every single word using Google translator, that’s how not confidence I was. I asked some friends and family to pray for me. They all said I can do it, but I am not convinced.

The “D” day is arrived. My husband sent the kids to school while I get ready. I eat breakfast, my husband print out the paper then we left. The motor ride took one hour, we’re crossing the city heading north. I still try to read the material along the way. When we arrived, I met with the friend, and soon the speaker show up. he’s young, handsome, and have a body that support what he’s talking about. We were introduced. He calm me down by saying he will try to make the sentence short and he will explain all the unfamiliar terms.

After 30 minutes late because we have to wait for the projector, I stand in the front and start my duty. The words just flow from my mouth as I concentrate very hard to the speaker. I was surprise how fast time flies, and suddenly we are going for lunch break. My husband, my friend and the speaker said I did a great job. WOW I can’t believe it. My confident went up high especially after my husband told me that this job has been offered to 2 people who used to interpret but they reject it. Lunch at Novotel indeed taste so good that day.

Then came the second part where the term get really technical, and my husband had to leave because he has a work to do, and maybe I got tired from standing so long. I make mistake, many mistakes. Some sentences were not finished, I said “what” couple times in the middle of my translation, I cut the speaker before he finished, I can’t translate some words…so it’s quite terrible. Even though afterward people said it’s ok, I did terrible this time.

But after this experienced I go home with a sense of confident, and promised myself I will not be afraid with a new challenge. I see a big opportunity for me in the future and a way to help my family financially. But at the same time I was also humble because I believe that God is purposely put me in the situation to teach me but He also help me along the way. Thank You Lord.

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