Good Bye Ceka…

Just had a great time with some friends
I am on my way home to my kids
using my mobile I played a game
in public transportation to kill my time
A friend of mine suddenly called
thought she will asked about tomorrow
but she bring a bad news that make me sorrow
Ceka, a daughter of my friend has already died
She is so young only thirteen
she not a little girl not yet a women
She lost her mother 4 years ago
How can this happen, what’s going on.
My friend said she been sick all day
They took her to the clinic in the afternoon
after got some medicine they went home
but not for long she’s already gone
My husband and some friends went there
To help taking care of so many things
I stay home with my kids and thinking
What will I be if that is my daughter
The funeral take place the next day
I went there to pay my last respect
in the coffin she so pale yet so beautiful
she looks just like she’s falling asleep
The father talk about her kindness
always helpful to her younger brother
The teachers said how nice she was
friends can’t help to show their sadness
I took some pictures of the funeral
She buried in her mother tomb
I bet she is very happy to met her now
that’s what she said on her diary
It’s hard to believe but it’s true
There’s a regret arose in my heart
she could have been my daughter best friend
if I just pay more attention to her


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