Edgar 9 years old…

September, 12, 2012 Edgar in Blue.

Addicted to Blackberry.
I blame my husband for being so permissive
That he though his father BB is his
Everyday send messages to family and friends
if they didn’t reply he will PING.

Helping out in the kitchen
I love to see guys cooking on TV
so I am excited when he offer some help
with the cooking but also cleaning
maybe one day he can be a master chef

Started to add and appreciate friendship
Rio, Prince, KB, Lona, and Michael
are among the closest friends he has
he contact and talk to them
both boys and girls even older people

Quite picky with the food
Didn’t like Tomato, carrot and garlic
but he love tea just like me
Although it’s hard but I try
to make him eat veggie everyday

Scare of ghost for some reason
Maybe because he saw a scary movie
I didn’t realize it at first.
He always asked somebody to be with him
when he has to be alone in the bedroom.

Turned out he has a great musicality
He started by joining his sister sings
he can hit a high note in “Listen”
he took Ensemble for extra curriculer
Now he can play flute nicely too

Still practicing his penmanship
maybe because he’s a left handed
I told his Teacher to keep it that way.
if he doesn’t have HW or Test
I asked him to write a Bible verse 5 times.

I wish him a healthy and happy life
I wish to see him graduate from College
I wish him to be a gentleman to the girls
I wish him to used all his talent and abilities
But most of all I wish him to fear the Lord.



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