best friend from high school…

We haven’t see each other for 27 years
after high school we’re going separate ways
she end up in Bali, working and build a family
now with 2 beautiful teenager girls

Anies and I get along quickly when I move in
She welcome me as a new student in that school
We visit each other house and do homework together,
but we also going to the movie and do crazy things.

Still remember we went to Semarang to take the Test
We stay in a house together and study hard
It was on the fasting month of the Moslem
And I fasted out of my friendship with her.

We get connected last year through Facebook
Contact her when I visit the Paradise island
So excited to see her in person again
although just for an hour or so

Yes, she still vibrant and even prettier
We talk and catch up what we’ve been missing
I wish we could have longer time with each other
because there are still so many things to share


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