Happy to see you Sis….


Last week I got a chance to go to East Java

My friends and I attend our church conference in Surabaya

So happy to meet many old friends from different cities

But what make me really happy when I got to met a woman

She’s used to stay in my house when she came few year ago

She came with her son Michael for a conference in Jakarta

although they only stay for couple days but it was memorable

She shared her struggles and we prayed together

I remember took their pictures and send them to her afterward

Then later on I heard that she got really sick

I was so concern about her situation

Thank God she survived and we can meet again.

She looks ok but still have to go to hospital twice a week

I also met her husband whom I never met before.

And her son Michael is grow to be a fine young man.

Before I left Surabaya they gave me a bag full of goodies

In the mist of their challenging life they still giving

Happy to see you Sis, thank you so much

May God bless you and your family and

Wish to see you again in the future.  

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