travel by train

It’s been awhile since I travel by train
I was so excited even though it’s the cheap one.
therefore many things are so inconvenient
First, the seats are not adjustable
so there is no way I can sleep well
Some people started to sleep on the floor
and that made us hard to move around.
The guy in front of me sleep under the seat
It’s kind of ackward but we use his space to straighten our legs
Then there are many street vendor going back and forward
They don’t care to wake us up to buy their stuff
No Air Con but there are fan on the ceiling
when the train in move, there some breeze from the window
but when the train stop it feel like in a sauna, so hot.
The toilet is very poor, just a hole in a small cabin.
I try not too drink too often to avoid going there.
But what I like about the trip is because we travel in group.
we all wear green T-shirt from our previous event.
We talk to each other, tease each other and laugh so hard
There are times I have to warned my friends to be quiet
because other people are starting to sleep.
I like also because the goods that people sale is quite cheap.
We can even bargain if we want it cheaper.
They sell clothes, toys, accessories, but mostly food.
I think they came in on one station and get down at the next.
so all the vendor got the chance to sell their stuff.
I got to buy instant noodle and a batik dress for my niece.
We leave Jakarta at 16.00pm and arrived in Surabaya 6.00am
We stay in Surabaya 2 nights and visit Malang for 1 night
I was excited because on the way back we met some friends
they are a group of married couples with small kids
I feel so bad one of the girl is sick, German pox maybe
But they are so closed and helping each other
we are 2 cart behind them, but we loved to visit them
and have a nice conversation with the ladies
This trip is longer and it’s even more inconvenient
but I thank God for the experience…


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