what’s cooking? mung bean soup…

When I still live with my parents, my mother used to make this soup for us.
Only recently I try to cook it myself, and I am glad my kids like it.

2 hand full of mung bean, wash clean, soak in the water for few hours. Better over night

3 carrots, 3 potatoes, wash clean, peel the skin off and cut into small dice. Mash 4 garlic and minch celery

a piece of meat, cook in the water until it’s boil and soften. Take out and cut into small cube.

Prepare all the ingredient while cook the bean in the meat brooth until it’s boil.

when the bean become swollen, put all the ingredient in. Add more water if needed.
Put salt and some pepper and cook until everything soft
It’s really good for rainy day like today…

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