happy birthday to me…

Yesterday I hit number 46
I don’t really know what to expect
I start to see many spots on my neck
and some changes around my body
I have lost 3 of my tooth
and my eyesight not 20/20 anymore
but I love getting mature
I feel wiser than my teens year
I start to see things differently
Not just plain black and white
but with some deep perspective

Yesterday my husband work very hard
to make me feel happy and special
He and the kids prepare breakfast
with flowers and candlelight too
and I think they’re quite successful
He also let me have a “me time”
to the hair salon for a treatment
My daughter Jasmine come along
She get hair cut too.

In the afternoon my family came to gather
My brother stuck in the traffic for 2 hours
but I really appreciate they take time
to encourage me and show me love
My mom gave me a beautiful verse from Bible
and my sister-in-law bring a cake for me
It was rainy outside but my heart is warm

There are so many message on my Facebook
From early morning to midnight
Every minute there are always new comments
friends and family from near and far
all of them wish me a Happy Birthday
Thank You God for a wonderful day
Help me to be more beautiful everyday.


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