keeping a tradition…

Two years ago I wrote about the Santa Tradition in my family @ And I continue this to my children because the magic and mystery of Santa was so beautiful to me. Last year my daughter said “Mom, I think Santa’s handwriting is just like yours” She was Grade 5 at that time. I thought “O No! she knew the secret” but I didn’t say anything, because I want to keep this at least until she’s 12. That was the time I found out the true of “Santa” in my family.
Last night I told them “I think this is the night Santa will come” usually we prepared things either the 4th or 5th December. Then my husband and I left for a meeting. When we come home late at night, near the Christmas tree already 2 shoes filled with grass and 2 glasses of water for Santa’s reindeers (horse I was told when I was a child). Also 2 letters: Jasmine said she wants books of Hannah Montana and Edgar said he want shoes no 36.
Last year we really lavished them with great presents, school bags and shoes just what they need. But I’ve been out of job for a year and after I discuss with my husband, we decided to give them simple stuff. In fact we got an event last Saturday and they got present from Santa, it was a comic book for Jasmine and a sunday school bag for Edgar. That was what they want last week.
The glorious moment is in the morning when they woke up and realized they have missed Santa (just like me, they try to stay up late so they can catch Santa). Then they wonder what will they got. They run to the Christmas tree, found out the grass are gone and the glasses are empty and there is present next to their shoes. Took it and open it, I was in my bedroom listening to their conversation. To tell you the truth they were dissapointed because didn’t get what they want. My Son even asked my husband if Santa will pass again tonight because he want to try his luck the 2nd time. I didn’t left any notes like last year (learning from what my daughter said), but I got a plan to explain why they didn’t get what they want.
Why I keep this tradition because deep down in my heart even as an adult convinced that there is a nice present wait for me when I try hard to be a good person…


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