christmas card????

Making Christmas card has been my thing since I was a single
In the past I will buy cardboard, glue some pine leaves or cutting pictures
I know it’s a bit busy but I prefer that than buy card on the store
Now it’s 3 weeks to christmas and no Christmas card yet.
Since November I’ve been looking for some ideas on the internet,
but my husband is so busy that we haven’t got the time for picture taken.
For the past 6 years I have made our christmas card from our pictures.
I will work in my computer using photoshop or Picasa.
I like it because it’s personalized and it’s a way to up date our kids growth.
These are some cards from years before

2006, we just buy our first digital camera

2007, I go crazy and made some

2008, I use a photo studio we had previously

and make Jasmine her own to share with her friends and teachers

2009, we had a picture session @ a place I thought will be perfect

2012, @ Home by the tree

2011, just combine some pictures from a christmas celebration a year before.

Do you make your own Christmas card?
Which one do you like?


One thought on “christmas card????

  1. I remember you collected butterfllies, made for us your own q n a. Very creative. You suppose to be a creative director of a big company

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