the story of a picture…

My daughter jasmine is going for Junior High next year.
We bought a form of registration on November
But work on it few days before the due date
jasmine filled in the form, I wrote the statement letter
and my husband prepared all the documents requested
Now they asked for 2 id pictures as well
I thought we have some but we could not find them
so I decided to take her picture by myself
the plan didn’t go well, I was too tense she end up cry
My husband finally manage to calm and take her picture
But when I want to copy it to be develop @ the store
I was so dissapointed with the picture, look at the face
and what happen to the hair? why they are in the front?

So I make another photo session that night
but it didn’t turn out the way I want it
There’s not enough light and I wasn’t sure it’s focus

I expressed my frustation to my husband by phone
he’s still at work but he always so understanding
“Don’t worry we can do it tomorrow morning” He said
On the due date I got the picture I want and we turn in the form on time
Look at her, isn’t she beautiful, no trick, just great attitude and good light…


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